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When processing personal data, we honour and respect the highest data protection standards and particularly comply with the following principles:. We only process precise personal data and we are certain that its processing corresponds to the established purposes and is essential for fulfilling those purposes;.

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All persons who come into contact with personal data are obliged to maintain confidentiality on information obtained in connection with the processing of such data. This generally concerns situations where clients are obliged to submit certain personal data as a condition so that we can provide our product or service, or in cases where we have obtained the authorisation to process personal data by other means.

This particularly concerns the implementation of a transaction or other performance of a contract between our company and a client. Personal data is required, among other things, for us to implement a transaction without disproportionate legal risks, including for negotiations for entry into a contract or an amendment to a contract;. This particularly concerns situations where a client voluntarily grants consent for our company, as the Controller, to process provided or otherwise obtained personal data.

If consent is not granted, this may mean that our company is unable to provide certain products or services or will be obliged to reasonably adjust the availability, scope, or conditions of the provision of products or services. To a certain extent, in such cases our company is also authorised to offer products and services without obtaining consent. If it ensues from law, clients shall be notified of the right to express their non-consent to further offers of goods and services.

In this regard, personal data can also be submitted to third parties for the purpose of disseminating information and offering products and services of such third parties.

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Our company processes personal data in the necessary scope for fulfilling the above specified purposes. We particularly process contact and identification data, data relating to creditworthiness, trustworthiness and payment history, descriptive and other data, and in the necessary and authorised scope, data on other persons.

Further information on personal data processing is specified in the integral Annex No 1 to the Information Memorandum. Birth numbers, if assigned, are processed so that we can implement a transaction without disproportionate legal and material risks for our company. If the processing of a birth number should be required for other purposes, this shall only be carried out with the consent of the client as the data subject.

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Given the necessity of properly identifying a client due to possible claims for payments, our company must process, among other things, certain data on personal documents and, therefore, with consent, we also make copies of such documents and subsequently store them. Our company monitors and records selected communications, especially telephone calls. We always provide prior warning in the case of making a recording. The content of such communications is confidential and is used solely for the purposes of adhering to legal obligations, entering into or performing contracts, and protecting rights and legally protected interests.

Primarily on the premises of the club Goldfingers Prague, where services are provided to clients, our company monitors the movement of persons. Camera recordings are made solely for the purposes of adhering to legal obligations, entering into or performing contracts, and protecting the rights and legally protected interests of our company, its clients, or third parties.

If recordings are not assessed as necessary for the purposes of criminal, administrative, or other similar proceedings, our company will dispose of them. The necessary assessment shall be carried out without undue delay, no later than seven 7 days after making a recording, and in the case of those recordings that have been stored, further assessments shall be continuously carried out.

This process also creates derived data on the client.

We particularly use this method for the purposes of complying with our legal obligations and protecting the rights and legally protected interests of our company, its clients, or third parties. To a certain extent, however, our company can also use the results of relevant evaluations when preparing individualised products and services. Personal data is primarily processed by employees of our company and, to the necessary extent, also by third parties.

Prior to handing over any personal data to a third party, we always enter into a written contract with this party. The contract contains the same guarantees for personal data processing which our company itself ensures in compliance with its statutory obligations. Such data may also be made accessible to such entities for other reasons in accordance with the law.

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In such a contract, we regulate personal data processing so that it contains the same guarantees for personal data processing which our company itself ensures in compliance with its statutory obligations. In accordance with applicable legislation, our company is authorised or directly obliged, without consent, to hand over personal data:. Our company only processes personal data of our clients for the absolutely necessary period with regard to the purpose of its processing. We continuously assess whether it is still necessary to process certain personal data required for a particular purpose.

If we discover that data is no longer required for any of the purposes for which it has been processed, we will dispose of the data. Internally, however, in relation to certain purposes for personal data processing, we have already assessed a typical period of usability for data, during which we carefully assess the need to process the relevant personal data for the given purpose. In this regard, it also applies that personal data processed for the purposes of:. Clients are not obliged to grant our company their consent to the processing of personal data and, at the same time, are entitled to withdraw their consent.

We remind you that we are authorised to process some personal data for particular purposes without consent. Portez-le sur une robe a culotte, avec un jean et un prague graphique, ou avec une sexy fille et glion tibet haut du tibet glion terrier et bagarre aurez escort private allure dans toutes les situations.


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